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Stretch and Strength is a vital part of any student studying in the performing arts.

Step Up and Dance provides the ultimate conditioning class for students to gain incredible awareness of their bodies and how to look after them throughout their training.

Working on things such as, anatomy, full body flexibility, strength in the feet and ankles, strength of the core and upper back and strength for extensions, turns and kicks, each student will have that bit extra to help them succeed at a much safer and faster rate in the performing arts studies.

Our students work with fantastic pilates equipment, stretching bars and therabands.

They are also provided with diagrams and helpful exercises on paper to take home and continue to work on outside of the studio if they wish in order to aid them in achieving their stretch and strength goals.

Under the incredible guidance of our coaches, let us help you gain a better understanding of an athletic artists body and help you achieve your strength and flexibility potential.

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