Join our fantastic high energy jazz class

Step Up and Dance jazz classes are fantastic, high energy classes, teaching our students a wide variety jazz styles, techniques, and choreography.

Instilling our technique we pride ourselves on at the academy, our students are constantly growing as dancers and learning new things each class as they progress at their own individual pace.

Our classes start off with a stretching session to ensure our students are prepared for what they are learning and to prevent injury, followed by training on Kicks, Jumps, Turns, Extensions and much more.

We then have fun with choreography, age appropriate for each particular class which keeps the students minds active, teaching them to put the techniques they learn in class into routines.

With the encouraging, fun and energetic vibe from our coaches along with dancing to fantastic music both recent and past, students are sure to come out of each jazz class feeling positive, re energised and ready to come back for more.

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